Saturday, July 17, 2010

The things i want in accessories..

I'm just newly graduate and i applied for a job.I'm big fan of fashion accessories and cute fashionable stuff,and i'm really glad that my first job is here in Aizilym.The one who sell and distribute fashionable item here in the Philippines.As an Online marketing staff For me the things that i consider as an online seller is that the quality of the item and the satisfaction of the customer because i want that my buyers to be happy if they receive my items. It feels great when other people compliment you and have good comment about how good is your accessories and the services. I also collect aizilym fashion accessories and for my favorite item is the Snake skin Metal ring its unique and kinda classy. I love Aizilym Fashion Accessories it will give you a fashionable look but the price its so AFFORDABLE.

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